Dexter’s life at our household

We adopted my first and only dog, Dexter, from a humane society in northern Reno. Dex was a dachshund/jack russell mix, so he barked a lot more than most dogs his size. We never had him formally trained or got a shock collar for him, so there was nothing to really prevent him from making noise. This ultimately proved to be his demise, as he was cast deep into the pits of hell by our neighbors who complained to animal control.

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And by pits of hell, I mean an animal shelter. I was just walking home one day after being out and about, most likely at gamestop with gabe, and I saw the dognapper’s van in front of my house. At first I didn’t really think about it, because they weren’t parked directly in front of my house. The van was more in between our house and our neighbors’. My dad didn’t say anything about it when I walked in, so I had literally no idea that dexter was gone. I honestly have no idea how I learned about his disappearance, so my mom or dad probably brought it up at some point during a dinner. Dex was probably the closest to my mom, because she worked from home so she fed him and he slept by her legs while she worked from her computer each day.

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Dexter, being a puppy, was not house trained. Thankfully we have a reliable company for a Denver Hood Cleaning┬áto get all those stains out if he was ever in a restaurant. I was the one who largely had to discipline him, so dex probably liked me the least.Sometimes in the morning during 8th grade I would go outside and sit with dexter and we would both eat our breakfast together, but there’s no way to tell how much he did or didn’t enjoy it. Actually, I read an article online once that stated dogs are actually uncomfortable while being hugged. They never really provided any solid evidence, so who knows whether or not it’s actually true. I don’t think it ever really sunk in that dexter is gone, because I still don’t truly comprehend that he’s never coming back.