Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths are by far the most popular of wreaths. Instantly recognizable and immediately adding warmth to your home, consider these great tips the next time you want to add a wreath to your holiday activities.

How To Find Christmas Decorations For Your Home

by Adam Peters
Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone, and decorating your house can enhance that joy, this can be something small like a table display or you could decorate your whole house inside and out. Christmas decorations have been around a lot longer than Christmas it’s self, as pagans were doing it for over two centuries.

The Christmas Table.

You can do a lot to your dinner table without spending too much money, get into the woods and find some fir cones, some gold spray paint along with some fake snow and you have a centre piece to grace any table on the special day and for a long time after. Tinsel with holly leaves and mistletoe makes a natural and cheap adornment and is a very old Celtic symbol of fertility.

A Christmas Tree.

Christmas trees have been brought into our houses for years, probably it was the Germans who started it, but now everyone has a tree for Christmas. A real tree is beautiful, but could make a mess of needles on your floor if it hasn’t been treated with chemicals. If you want a real tree get one with roots, you can keep it alive and then re-plant it in the new year and it shouldn’t make a mess, or get a fake tree, these can look realistic but you will not fool anyone, they are not real but will look beautiful every year when you pull it out of the cupboard.

Originally candles were used to light Christmas trees, this proved very dangerous, so now electric lights that flash and play Christmas carols are a safer option. Some people go over the top with tree decorations, keep it simple, tinsel, balls, stars and of course a fairy or an angel on the top to finish it all off.

Inside The House.

Coloured paper, silver tinsel and fake snow around the house will bring a festive feel to your home, snow on the windows, holly above the doors and you must have mistletoe to get those Christmas kisses from your guests. House decorations, like your tree should be subtle, Christmas is a happy time of the year and a time to relax with the family in a calm joyous atmosphere.

Outside The House.

A wreath of holly on the door was all that people used to show at Christmas, now people have father Christmases climbing up their roofs, light shows and carols played from loudspeakers. Fake snow on all the windows is nice, but covering your house in it is probably going too far. So do what pleases you (and your neighbours), but have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Setting-up a Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Setting-up a Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Christmas wreath fundraisers are a great way for non-profit groups to make money. Instead of the old standby of selling cookies, candy bars, or cookie dough, selling Christmas wreaths brings in more money and helps bring a festive mood into the neighborhood at the same time.

Christmas wreath fundraisers are a great way to help out your community and help your group raise funds at the same time. Oftentimes the wreaths that are made by non-profit groups have a very competitive price and are of excellent quality. There is a special something that a Christmas wreath brings with it when you know that the purchase has helped out a group you wish to support.

There are several companies that offer a Christmas wreath fundraiser program, most are available online using a simple search. These companies allow you to purchase wreaths in cases getting a substantial discount and then sell them at a marked up rate. Many are offering wreaths as low as $6 that you can later sell for $25. As you can see, this is much better than the fifty cents that you get from a candy bar sale.

There are deadlines and not everyone thinks of their Christmas fundraisers in or before October. For those of you who are a little late getting started don’t fret, there is hope. Instead of getting their wreaths out on Thanksgiving Day or during the last week of November several people prefer to wait until closer to Christmas. Some companies offer shipments as late as the week before Christmas.

Still, if this doesn’t work for you then you can take matters in your own hands. To put together a Christmas wreath fund raiser you can choose to make the wreaths yourself. They are quite simple and all of the supplies (minus the evergreen boughs) are available in craft stores year ‘round.

The best way to put together a Christmas wreath fundraiser is to pre-sell them. Before you actually purchase your supplies you should have made your sales. Collect for these sales when the order is made, this will keep your group from holding the bag when the 47 people who ordered are suddenly not home at time of delivery and have apparently moved and not left a forwarding address from costing you all of the money you planned on making. Have the balance due a few days before you plan to make the purchase so those last minute stragglers can get their orders and money in as well.

After getting your orders you can purchase your supplies (or premade wreaths). You can often make a few sales at the last minute so you might want to pick up a few extras to sell as you are delivering the Christmas wreaths that were ordered.

If you are making your own you will want to get everyone involved and plan to take some time doing this. You will not want to be known as the group that made ‘temporary wreaths’ that fall apart in a couple days that one Christmas. A quality product will do much for your future fundraisers.

If you are purchasing premade wreaths you should order them with a week’s time to spare on your scheduled delivery so you won’t be late. Bringing the product late is not usually appreciated. Christmas wreaths displayed on front doors of homes around the neighborhood always brings a special mood to the area, it shouldn’t be delayed. Fundraisers can have their bumps, so schedule time for them and you will have a much better result. Organization is the key to making your Christmas wreath fundraiser work.


What is an Advent Wreath?

What is an advent wreath? Its a special wreath (circle of greens ) which contain five candles and is used in churches and homes as reminders of the four Sundays before Christmas. Four of the candles are arranged in a circle, with the fifth placed in the center. By tradition one additional candle is lighted each Sunday until on the fourth Sunday all four candles are lighted. On Christmas, the fifth candle, which is white, is lit.

Choosing An Outdoor Wreath
by Dawn Keadic

Wreaths are a popular decorating option indoors. The great variety of wreaths and their wondrous beauty make them popular with designers and decorators. Use of wreaths outdoors also provides a great opportunity to increase the aesthetic appeal of one’s home. Often found on door or lampposts, outdoor wreaths are popular outdoor decorating items.

The most famous type of outdoor wreath is, of course, the door wreath so often used at Christmas. Usually made from evergreen branches and decorated with sturdy touches that can withstand the elements, the Christmas wreath adorns millions of outside doors annually.

There are, of course, many other outdoor wreath options. The Christmas wreath, however, offers a wonderful standard against which other alternatives should measure up.

Christmas door wreaths are sturdy. The balsam fir or other evergreen branches tolerate the weather well without significant degradation. All other outdoor wreaths should share this quality. An outdoor wreath will be constantly exposed to the elements. Any outdoor wreath under consideration must be able to handle the probable climate of the region in which it will be used. It makes little sense, for instance, to use a delicately assembled floral wreath when it will be exposed to high winds. Likewise, a wreath resplendent in cloth bows is poorly suited for a rainy environment. Any wreath chosen for outdoor use must be sufficiently sturdy.

Not only should the wreath itself be sturdy. It is also important that the strong base of the wreath be decorated in a manner allowing it to survive the weather. Delicate decorations should be avoided. Items fastened to a wreath should be affixed with wire or a similarly strong method. A small dab of glue from a hot glue gun or a thin piece of thread will never sufficiently attach decorations for an outdoor wreath.

Decorating with outdoor wreaths can improve the look of a home and make it an inviting place for guests. However, appropriate care must be taken to choose wreaths that possess great sturdiness and longevity.