Pilot Car Directory for finding oversize load escorts

Just a shout out to pilotcarfinder.com for their new online database directory of pilot car operators nationwide.

It’s a great site with easy to use lookups and fantastic speed.  The guys at Pilotcar built it in Ruby on Rails and are hosting it on a cloud provider called Heroku (owned by salesforce.com).  JR Fent and Irl Kellum are the owners and developers of this niche startup.

We asked JR Fent why such a small niche?  “I met with entrepreneurs at a company called G5 Marketing a few years ago. They were doing work with Self Storage businesses.  I asked them that same question and their answer stuck with me. – Not sexy, but underserved.”

With that in mind, JR and Irl built an incredible web application for a very small, not sexy niche business category.  Hats off to them for that!

After looking at how pilotcarfinder.com performs, I can see other uses for the directory technology that they built it in.   I’m sure that Pilot Cars will not be the last web property they build on this very elaborate and awesome frame.

So, whether you’re a pilot car service company or a trucking company that needs pilot cars and wide load escorts ( or oversize load escorts), this is the place to go to find them anywhere in the USA.

JR said that: soon they will be adding a load board portion of the program too.  That will allow pilot car operators to find upcoming requirements for truckers.  This should be helpful if a pilot car will be going out of its home base area and might be able to pick up a job or two on the trip back.

This feature will allow truckers to put the trip on the load board and get bids from pilot car companies that would be interested in taking on the job.  Very cool.

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