Setting-up a Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Setting-up a Christmas Wreath Fundraisers

Christmas wreath fundraisers are a great way for non-profit groups to make money. Instead of the old standby of selling cookies, candy bars, or cookie dough, selling Christmas wreaths brings in more money and helps bring a festive mood into the neighborhood at the same time.

Christmas wreath fundraisers are a great way to help out your community and help your group raise funds at the same time. Oftentimes the wreaths that are made by non-profit groups have a very competitive price and are of excellent quality. There is a special something that a Christmas wreath brings with it when you know that the purchase has helped out a group you wish to support.

There are several companies that offer a Christmas wreath fundraiser program, most are available online using a simple search. These companies allow you to purchase wreaths in cases getting a substantial discount and then sell them at a marked up rate. Many are offering wreaths as low as $6 that you can later sell for $25. As you can see, this is much better than the fifty cents that you get from a candy bar sale.

There are deadlines and not everyone thinks of their Christmas fundraisers in or before October. For those of you who are a little late getting started don’t fret, there is hope. Instead of getting their wreaths out on Thanksgiving Day or during the last week of November several people prefer to wait until closer to Christmas. Some companies offer shipments as late as the week before Christmas.

Still, if this doesn’t work for you then you can take matters in your own hands. To put together a Christmas wreath fund raiser you can choose to make the wreaths yourself. They are quite simple and all of the supplies (minus the evergreen boughs) are available in craft stores year ‘round.

The best way to put together a Christmas wreath fundraiser is to pre-sell them. Before you actually purchase your supplies you should have made your sales. Collect for these sales when the order is made, this will keep your group from holding the bag when the 47 people who ordered are suddenly not home at time of delivery and have apparently moved and not left a forwarding address from costing you all of the money you planned on making. Have the balance due a few days before you plan to make the purchase so those last minute stragglers can get their orders and money in as well.

After getting your orders you can purchase your supplies (or premade wreaths). You can often make a few sales at the last minute so you might want to pick up a few extras to sell as you are delivering the Christmas wreaths that were ordered.

If you are making your own you will want to get everyone involved and plan to take some time doing this. You will not want to be known as the group that made ‘temporary wreaths’ that fall apart in a couple days that one Christmas. A quality product will do much for your future fundraisers.

If you are purchasing premade wreaths you should order them with a week’s time to spare on your scheduled delivery so you won’t be late. Bringing the product late is not usually appreciated. Christmas wreaths displayed on front doors of homes around the neighborhood always brings a special mood to the area, it shouldn’t be delayed. Fundraisers can have their bumps, so schedule time for them and you will have a much better result. Organization is the key to making your Christmas wreath fundraiser work.


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